Why do I still play Skyrim?

I mean, it came out in November of 2011, for crying out loud.  It’s so old!  There are better looking games out there with way bigger fanbases.  You never see anyone making the big money on Twitch by streaming Skyrim playthroughs.  There is no multiplayer, no social aspect.  How long can you play that one game?


Fair points, theoretical person making such arguments.  I’ll grant you those.


It is older, but so is Ocarina of Time.  The age of a game does not diminish its value or the level of enjoyment you get from it.  In fact, those things sometimes increase with time.  The main reason I go back and play LoZ:OoT every now and again is nostalgia.  Bethesda is also releasing Skyrim: Special Edition, essentially resetting the clock by supporting x64 and bringing modding to the peasants, I mean, console players.


Maybe Hearthstone or League of Legends have bigger fanbases and hype, but I’ve never cared much for those things.  It’s the same reason the lack of social media isn’t a concern.  That is not what this game is about.  This game is about exploration, wonder, character building, min-maxing, role-playing, hunting, survival, trade, deception, story telling, and challenging yourself.  None of these aspects require or are enhanced by the addition of tweets or streaming.  This game is an island.  A bitchin’ island.  Maybe Skyrim could be made better with the inclusion of multiplayer, but not for me.


That is where modding comes in.  Yup, there is a mod for multiplayer.


Mods are the reason I can play this game for 1,200+ hours and not get bored.  Skyrim presents a canvas and the artists that produce mods have provided me with hundreds of hours of entertainment.  Right now, I’m hunting in the wilderness with scoped bows, just trying to survive the harsh winter and keep myself fed.  I have been an unstoppable battle mage, an ethereal assassin, a sword-and-board wielding Orc, a smooth-talking master of illusion, a dungeon-diving treasure hunter, and a soulless litch.  Once, I had a My Little Pony head and I was shooting glowing dildos at a flying Thomas the Tank Engine while my buddy the Terminator backed me up with a rocket launcher.  Not everything has to be serious.


Skyrim is what you make it.  Make it awesome.


Ouside Markarth

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