TekHaus Podcast

I’ve always been told I have a face for radio.

Plus, I love listening to myself talk. With this in mind, it’s hard to understand why I’ve never been on a podcast before. Well, the answer is:

I’m a lazy piece of shit.

I looked into it before. Got all the software ready, got great audio equipment, did tens of hours of research, even picked out a name and bought the domain from GoDaddy (bitsandbytestechshow.com [now defunct]). Then I just did nothing. The same impetus that drove me to get everything ready to make a podcast was not powerful enough to actually get something done.

What I needed was a push, something to grab my attention. What I needed was a written invitation. And I got one. One of my friends, out of nowhere told me that we would be starting a podcast on someone else’s network in early May. Exactly what I was looking for. All the fun stuff, none of the management baggage.

You can look for our first podcast in May athttps://tekside.net/tekhaus

Alongside this, I will be working on my voice acting and narration. I was working on an audio book over at Librivox, but all my notification emails got auto-junked by gmail and my parts were given to someone else. Fixed that, so I’ll give it another go.

Brand new mic. AT 2020 with a tiny Behringer USB mixer. Sounds boss. Well, I guess you tell me how it sounds. See you on the airwaves.

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