SQLite Woes With Tautulli on Ubuntu

My Pushbullet notifications aren’t working… huh.

I like to spy on my Plex users. I offer up plenty of media and I like to know what people are watching and when. There are plenty of reasons for this ranging from voyeurism to planning maintenance windows. For this, I was using Pushbullet.

At first, I thought that Pushbullet was squelching the connecting because I had too many notifications (one of my friends left Paw Patrol running all night and I awoke to like 200 notifications.) I decided to move to Pushover. In the Tautulli interface, I went to delete the Pushbullet Notification Agent and… Nothing happened. So maybe it was just a page refresh issue. I’ll just charge ahead with setting up Pushover! But a click of the Add Notification Agent proved fruitless. An error stating “Failed to add notification agent”. Super helpful.

Well, I trolled the internet for an hour trying to find SOMETHING on this. All I found were vague references and threads that ended with “Nvm, fixed it” and no further info. If you find yourself in the same position, rejoice. Here it is:

SQLite is a piece of junk.

If you look in the logs you’ll see: “Database image is malformed.” Again, super helpful.

Every time I come across something that uses SQLite, it breaks. Admins on the internet come to the general conclusion of “yeah, sometimes the databases just fuck up, so restore from backup.” Well, I have backups, but those are damaged too. So, here’s how to fix it as it stands.

How to repair this buggy crap database:

First, you must shut down Tautulli. We’re gonna be messing about in the plumbing.

Install SQLite. On Ubuntu:

#apt install sqlite


#cd /opt/Tautulli/

Here you should see the “Tautulli.db” database.

sqlite>.open tautulli.db

Output should be as such:

pragma integrity_check;

You may or may not get the same error that the database image is malformed. I got a list of things that were wrong with the database. YMMV.

We’re going to dump the database. in SQLite, with the database opened, this looks like:

sqlite> .mode insert
sqlite> .output tautulli_bak.db

sqlite> .dump

sqlite> .exit

Now we have 2 databases and we are out of the SQLite prompt. Now let’s rename the original database with:

#mv tautulli.db tautulli.db.orig

Then we use sqlite to make the dump into a proper database:

#sqlite3 tautulli.db < tautulli_bak.db

And finally, load up into sqlite again and analyze the database to update the statistics.

sqlite> .open tautulli.db
sqlite> analyze;
sqlite> .exit

Start up Tautulli and cross your fingers. This method, pieced together from parts all across the web, got me back to spying on my friends and family. Happy Plexing.

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