The TekHaus Podcast

I’m podcasting now! My sultry tones shall be flung to the far reaches of the interbutt. Super neat. We’ll be bouncing between “normie” stuff like E3 coverage, and more high tech stuff like PiHole and WireGuard. Give it a listen! /sysop

TekHaus Podcast

I’ve always been told I have a face for radio. Plus, I love listening to myself talk. With this in mind, it’s hard to understand why I’ve never been on a podcast before. Well, the answer is: I’m a lazy piece of shit. I looked into it before. Got all the software ready, got great […]

SQLite Woes With Tautulli on Ubuntu

My Pushbullet notifications aren’t working… huh. I like to spy on my Plex users. I offer up plenty of media and I like to know what people are watching and when. There are plenty of reasons for this ranging from voyeurism to planning maintenance windows. For this, I was using Pushbullet. At first, I thought […]